Allen D. Kelly RN BSN CMSRN CH-C
4700 Illahee Rd NE
Bremerton, WA 98311

Phone: (360) 362-1285 - FAX: (541) 994-5780 - Cell: (541) 971-1108


Responsible for all aspects of patient care and planning for up to six patients in a 297 bed, general medical-surgical, orthopedic, pulmonary, stroke and telemetry setting (Float team).

Responsible for all aspects of patient care and planning for up to six patients in 12 bed, general medical-surgical and telemetry units.

Responsible for all aspects of patient care and planning for up to six patients in 16 bed, surgical oncology and orthopedic/neurological units.

Responsible for all aspects of patient care and planning for up to five-six patients.

Provide a bi-monthly blood pressure screening and hypertensive support clinic

Explore the potential for an in-house or private practice health clinics addressing stress, pain, weight and anxiety management - smoking cessation and health improvement

Provide outpatient treatment for stress, anxiety, habit cessation, and goal achievement, with a focus on pain/discomfort management.

Responsible for all aspects of development, design, implementation, online promotion, maintenance and evaluation of web sites for Lee Enterprises' Oregon newspapers and their customers.

Work with publishers and managers to develop a long term strategy; to establish and extend the Lee presence throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley and Western Oregon.

Responsibilities included identifying and evaluating potential online profit center opportunities and implementing programs to exploit them.

In 1990, Anchor Information Systems became BCV, Inc. By 1994, new telecommunications services (ISDN) became available, The Internet began to mature, with the advent of the World Wide Web.

BCV began providing businesses access to high quality, full service Internet and World Wide Web site development, electronic document publishing services. These services included online marketing and promotion.

Other related functions included developing and conducting "Internet Video" training seminars to the local business community and consumers

Published the "Northfield News", Vermont's oldest continuously published weekly, online from February, 1996 through March 20, 1997.

This experience demonstrated the value of local news and information to the business community and visitors. It also suggested several ways to utilize the Internet's WWW; as a commercial vehicle to provide it.

Co-owned and operated a Vermont Country Inn and Bed & Breakfast with wife, Virginia from August 1990 through April, 1997. We hosted many visitors and business people from around the world.

    Owner, Anchor Information Systems. Salem, MA 1980 -1990

Provided computer consulting services to small businesses. Practice focused on counseling and training business people on emerging PC hardware and software applications. Provided assessments and developed computer utilization plans that would facilitate efficiencies of operations and increase profits.

This company evolved into the Business Center of Vermont, Inc.

    President/CEO, Allied Health Professionals, Inc. Beverly, MA 1979 -1989

Developed the first model of Home Health Care delivery and temporary healthcare personnel staffing utilizing computer based administrative, scheduling and payroll support.

Served as staff nurse, Nursing Director, Director, Administrator and CEO for the agency employing up to 250 professional and paraprofessional health care providers.

Automated all administrative functions resulting in higher quality patient/client care, more human resources to provide hands-on care, a higher level of care and lower costs to the patient/client.

In 1988, other Home Health Care agencies began to implement similar computer based support.

    United States Air Force - 1966-1978

Served as air crew member, photographic processing specialist, medical/nursing care technician [corpsman], Equal Opportunity, Race Relations and Substance Abuse counselor, department head and supervisor.

Served two tours of duty in Viet Nam.

Honorably discharged from active duty on 5 January, 1975 and from the USAF Reserves on 9 January, 1981.


    Graduated High School [1965] Danvers High School, Danvers, Massachusetts

    Certifications in: Radar Operation, Photography, Health care & x-ray, Equal Opportunity & Treatment, Race Relations, and Substance Abuse Counseling [1966, 67,72,76]

    Graduate USAF Technical and Staff Management Schools

    Clinical Hypnotherapy [1976] Sacramento, CA

    Bachelor of Science Nursing, [1978] California State University, Sacramento,

    Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist [2005] Canyon College, Caldwell, Idaho

    Cardiac Telemetry course [2007] Willamette Valley Medical Center, McMinnville, OR

    Certified Medical-Surgical RN [2008-2018] Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN)

    BLS recertification renewal course [February, 2012] Harrison Medical Center, Bremerton, WA

    Continuing Education

    A lifelong commitment to continuing education is evidenced by a rigorous schedule of professional continuing education seminars and workshops and online research in medical-surgical nursing and computer sciences.


    Massachusetts RN139606 Expires: 10/17/2014

    Washington RN00173310 Expires: 10/17/2014

    Oregon RN200241098 Expires: Lapsed

    California RN284008 Expires: Lapsed

    Rhode Island RN Expires: Lapsed

    Connecticut RN Expires: Lapsed

    Vermont RN Expires: Lapsed

    Washington HP60282800 (Hypnotheraphy) Expires: 10/17/2014


    Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) Member 2008 - Present

    International Medical and Dental Hypnotheraphy Association. Member 2012 - Present

    Albany Area Chamber of Commerce, Member 1998 - 2001

    NFIB/Vermont Guardian Council, Vice Chair 1995 - 1997

    Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce, President 1996 -1997

    Central Vermont Economic Initiative, Director 1994 -1997

    Central Vermont Revolving Loan Fund, Chairman 1996 -1997

    SBN/School of Small Business Practice, Member, Board of Governors 1995 -1997

    Vermont Small Business Network, Vice Chair/Treasurer 1994 -1996

    Northfield Business & Professional Association, President 1991 - 92, Regional

    Liaison 1994 - 1997

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